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    Raja Rajamannar, President, Healthcare Division/Mastercard
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Debra Benton is one of the most sought after speakers and executive coaches today.

The article from Top CEO Coaches ranks her in the top ten in the world and the #1 female — we're delighted to have her here.

In preparing to introduce her, I discovered that her client list reads like a stock portfolio that I'd like to own!... Microsoft, Pepsi, Mattel, Gillette, Kraft, Campbell Soup, Citicorp, Time-Warner, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Viacom, American Express, NASA, and on and on.

Debra is an internationally recognized expert on how top executives think and act. Her consulting work and seminars have been conducted in 18 different countries including three around-the-world speaking tours. She has coached clients to interview with Donald Trump, present at the Academy Awards, run for the U.S. Presidency, testify before Congress, and in line with recent news events, has trained agents on the U.S. Border Patrol...

Trust me, she has lots of good stories to tell us!

You might have seen Debra on the Today Show, Good Morning America, or on CBS News being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. Or you might have read about her on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and USA Today Money. She's repeatedly written up in Time magazine, Fortune, The New York Times about her executive development work...which we will get a sample of today.

To our benefit, this award-winning, New York Times best-selling author has published her research in ten books including her latest with McGraw-Hill, The CEO Difference: How to Climb, Crawl, and Leap Your Way to the Next Level of Your Career.

Now, I'm pleased to welcome... Debra Benton.

Read Debra Benton's latest book, "The Leadership Mind Switch"

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In this brave new business world, traditional leadership styles just won't cut it. Only those leaders who operate with a sense of urgency, communicate with clarity and honesty, and maintain a healthy respect for change will land up — and remain — on top.

In The Leadership Mind Switch, we will take you through the process of becoming an effective 21st Century leader.

leadership mind switch
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Co-Authors Kylie Wright Ford and Debra Benton

top ceo coaches 

Work with Debra Benton and Become a More Effective Leader

Top CEO Coaches names Debra one of the Top 10 coaches in the world, along with Ram Charan, Tony Robbins, and Marshall Goldsmith.

Read the Top CEO Coaches article here

Debra A BentonA Note From Debra

The privilege I have is beyond belief. My clients are "happy campers" who have typically just come off another great year. They have a good working life and their friends envy them. They also believe that a day without learning and growing is a missed day.

They seek executive coaching because while caught up in their daily life running their organizations, they know their own future can't wait for the future. They want intriguing ideas, useful approaches, and tangible steps now to do things differently for both themselves and their organizations.

For forty years I've been a paid observer of the behavior and decisions of business leaders my clients look up to. First-hand learning from successful leaders' experiences has trained me to have a perspective very few have from exposure few have had. In a short time, I can give insight into the part of your own life that you cannot yet see.
With objectivity and careful intervention I give clear, direct, pragmatic advice to handle anything in the best possible way to drive the best possible outcome. Clients say that I "think about things others don't think about — and in a way that others don't."

Put simply, what I do for a living is bring awareness, then adjustment — because even a small mid-course correction changes everything.
When we work together, even the best leaders get better.
— Debra


Contact Debra Benton today to see how you can benefit from her proven expertise.

Leadership Expert
Executive Coach
Keynote Speaker
Bestselling Author