Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach Debra Benton

For over thirty years, my passion has been to help managers and executives take ownership of their career potential. My skill is to give you endless new thinking that challenges your assumptions and explores new behavior outside of your comfort zone. Together we take your leadership style to the next levels — all to create a better future for you and your organization.

I've been honored to work with some of the best and brightest from GE, Microsoft, Pepsi, Novartis, Time-Warner, NASA, American Express, Dell, Kraft Foods, Citicorp, Deloitte, Kellogg's, McDonalds and UAL — to name a few of my client companies.

My ten business books have been published in a dozen different languages, and I've been fortunate to work in eighteen countries and with many more cultural backgrounds.

My expertise has brought front-page coverage in the publications like Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and made me a welcome guest on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and CBS where I was interviewed by Diane Sawyer.

Condé Nast Portfolio magazine wrote, "Debra Benton is one of the top five coaches to have on speed dial." ranked me in the top ten coaches in the world and as the number one female coach in 2013.

My time is divided between advising individuals as their professional mentor and executive coach; speaking to large and small groups; and researching to distill patterns of personal leadership that will enable you to lead the next generation of teams.

My work outside of my company is to teach leadership in Colorado State University's MBA Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise program and serve as an adjunct professor at UNC's Monfort School of Business.


Executive Coach Debra Benton & husband Rodney Sweeney

On the personal side, I'm the proud daughter, sister, and wife of a veteran. Happily married to retired ranch manager and cowboy, Rodney Sweeney and reside in the foothills of Northern Colorado in a small ranching community.

What the Media Writes About Debra Benton

Food Service Magazine Cover

 NYC TV interview

The New York Times

New York Times

"Her work is aimed at giving people control over their destiny."

Wall Street Journal

Wall St. Journal

"Benton's advice isn't likely to appear in books on business."

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

"Benton deals with the reality of the business world."

CBS News

CBS News

"What Benton teaches makes difference."




"Debra Benton is a leader."




"Captains of industry have it. So do great generals and successful politicians....Benton advises them."

London Daily Mail

Daily Mail (London)

"She knows the right stuff."


Australian Financial Review

Australian Financial Review

"She polishes top executives."

Johannesburg Sunday Times

Sunday Times (Johannesburg)

"Benton shows executive hopefuls how to be corporate captains."