Checklist 1. Debra Benton’s Room Set‐Up and Audio Checklist Room Set‐Up:

We are flexible and will work with whatever the facility and the number of people dictates. If the audience size and/or scale of the room does not allow Debra’s face and movements to be clearly seen in the back of the room we request a screen that projects her image when presenting. Skimping here can sabotage the best speech.

  • Please provide a table at the back of the room so Debra can autograph copies of her book if being made available.


  • If a podium is being used for introductions, set it back a few feet from the front of the stage, if possible, so that Debra can walk in front of it.
  • A small table and two chairs should be accessible on the stage for use during audience participation.


  • Debra purposefully moves around during her speech to engage all the audience so if the room has spotlights aim them toward the very front of the stage.

Audio Visual:

  • Wireless, battery ‐ powered clip‐on microphone.


  • A/V recording is encouraged. If you’re interested in recording Debra Benton’s presentation please contact Mary Reed in advance at (800) 416‐7554