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No. 89 - How to Evaluate Your Job Offers Objectively, Not Emotionally

Before you start getting job offers, write a list of all the factors about a job that are important to you. List them down the left side of the page. Things like:

-potential for advancement
-number of people to manage
-budget size
-flexibility of schedule
-outside learning opportunities
-dress code
-global reach
-foreign assignment potential
-etc., etc.

Then rank each factor from 1-10 in terms of importance to you (with 10 being the most important) to create a template.

Then you are in a position to compare each job offer against your list. For example one offer may have the best “9” money but a “3” in culture when culture is a “10’ in your original ranking.

Before you get emotionally involved in accepting an offer, compare it against your template.


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