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No. 16 - Why Should You Write Your Biography?

Emerson Spartz, the 27-year-old Internet media entrepreneur, recently raised $8 million in venture capital funding for his aggregate site www.dose.com. At age 12 he created the most popular Harry Potter fan site in the world, MuggleNet.  Spartz tells The New Yorker magazine that when he was growing up, his parents made him read four short biographies of successful people every single day.

Not a bad idea for your kids — or you — and www.Biography.com is one good source.

But don’t just read others' biographies; write your own too. Include:

  • Where and how you grew up

  • Early influences and influencers who shaped you

  • Choices you had and decisions (good and bad) that you made

Write your career and life progression but don’t make it obituary-like with just the facts.  Add the “color” of your life -- your loves, your losses, your dreams, and your goals going forward.

Your significant other will enjoy reading it, and when the kids are old enough, give them a copy.

Think about it. How many of you have lost a parent or someone important to you, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to read their life story?  In addition, it’s a great refresher/reminder when you have to talk about your background in a workplace conversation.

- Debra

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