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This is Why Personal Branding Needs to be Important to You


I know you're a solid citizen. You're a quick learner and truly smart. You try hard. You're pretty cool. You get along with people. You set a respectable example. You want to help and connect with others, to serve society. You aim to contribute meaningful work. You have dreams and goals to achieve something groundbreaking. You're motivated by money, title, and power to a certain extent, but you are more motivated by growth opportunities and success for your kids.

You plan to accelerate your career growth quickly—to play full out, use all your talent, and bring something to the world it hasn't had before.

And—at least on paper— you are just like every other ambitious individual.

Let me ask you: Who couldn't say those things about himself or herself? That list of career aspirations is remarkably alike and interchangeable for almost everyone. It's acceptable but not exceptional.

Today, you have to exceed in a group of exceed-ers. As fine as you are and as well you're doing, you can do better—so people will want to promote you, conduct business with you, follow you, and recommend you to others.

That's why I write this blog: to contribute at least a little to help you set yourself apart from other good people.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019