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What Your Boss Wants

CEOs tell me that they want people:

  • Who are full of ambition and goals.
  • Who sing—well, silently hum—at work.
  • Who stretch themselves every day and who always have new challenges they're hankering to take on.
  • Who get an emotional kick out of any accomplishment.
  • Who are juiced (in the nonsteroid way) every morning to get out of bed and go for it.
  • Are hungry (figuratively).
  • Are afraid of not fulfilling their destiny.

It's up to you to start and kindle the fire in you. No one can do it for you. A spouse might push you, a boss who sees potential might press you, a life-changing situation (divorce, death of someone close, job termination, birth of a child, or something else) might prompt a flicker. As is true of any fire, whatever ignition you start with will fizzle out if you don't continuously feed the fire. 

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019