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No. 136 - Self-Confidence is Everything


Penguins in Antarctica are described by scientists who have studied them for 23 years as undaunted, without self-doubt, and with a good attitude.
That's my definition of confidence. Once somebody's got confidence, you've got something.
What confidence is not:
-moral superiority-organization
-chart title-tan skin and white teeth-grin and grip

What does confidence feel like? You:
-no longer need approval
-can change your mind
-have grit-make decisions
-delegate sooner
-have more freedom
-have better coping methods
-feel worthy-get followers
-go over, under, around, or through problems
-experience more happiness
-take chances that change your life

The surprising cost of confidence:
-envy from others

If you don't have it in yourself, no one will have it in you.

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Monday, 24 September 2018