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Do You Take Calculated Risks for Career Advancement?


I'm not asking for utter fearlessness and risk without thinking. Just "go for it" a little more and more often than you have in the past—and more often than others do. If you hold back, you'll get into a rut, slip behind, fade out of sight, and sink into the sameness of the people around you. A calculated risk is just another way of saying to:

  • Show some spine.
  • Put it on the line and see it through.
  • Leave it all on the playing field.
  • Creatively work with fear.
  • Think the unpopular thing.
  • Have the gumption to go off the grid.
  • Be willing to bet your job on a hunch.
  • Step out of the box.
  • Be unafraid to fall flat on your face.
Every Decision is a Calculated Risk
Why is a Positive Attitude Important?


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Tuesday, 19 February 2019