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Manage Your Personal Brand: Online and Offline


It's estimated that the work force is comprised of approximately one-third Millennials, one-third GenX, and one-third Boomers – with a few Traditionalists not ready to walk off the playing field. It's a little funky, frankly.

You are in one of those groups. Regardless of your age or time in the workplace, in your pursuit to be better, you have to separate yourself from contenders in a competitive environment. That goes whether you are working face-to-face or on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. You have to put yourself out there, elevate your game, and stand-out even when they can't see you.

Regardless of your age or stage in your career and the change in the work force, one thing remains the same. You can not ignore the need be unsurpassed at your job: brilliant, inspiring, authentic, skilled, undaunted, composed, honest, and a good example to emulate.

Well, you can, until you get hammered and end up having your next job title be "assistant to the summer intern" and get written off with three words, "considered not ready."

To be a contender today you have to be that person uniformly online as well as offline — that's personal branding.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018